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About Pilates

Have you considered trying a Pilates class? Read my blog about the healthier relationship between pilates and yoga.

your core

The core consists of all the muscles from the shoulder girdle to the pelvic girdle. The entire trunk of your body. When the core weakens it creates a lot of problems with movement and strength in areas of the entire body, from head to toe, inside and out. Pilates helps to realign the spine, stabilize the trunk, create range of motion in the joints and strengthen the inner back and abdominal muscles. The exercises and breath are controlled and precise to feel the effectiveness within the entire body..

Be Inspired

What will help you flow forward creating a healthier mind, body and spirit in the next stage of your life?

Take the first step by creating space to include a weekly flexibility and strength program. One that helps to improve weakness in the back and deep belly muscles while stabilizing the structure in your core . The key factor is, to learn to listen to your body.

Tuesday nights: 5-5:45pm

Thursday lunch break: 12:15-1pm

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