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"Online classes has offered me a healthy balance. A stronger mind and body, while enjoying lots of fun stories. 

I was fortunate to reconnect with Cathy after a chance encounter at a local gym. I was not an exercise enthusiast. I was recovering from back surgery and Cathy suggested trying her pilates class. After the first class, I was hooked. 

I believe Pilates played an important roll healing from my back and, eventually, hip surgery. I helped in proactive preparation and a faster recovery, helping to reduce pain. 

Cathy offered suggestions and modifications while keeping me motivated. This is why I will continue with Pilates and Yoga as a perfect balance for a healthier lifestyle."


“ 'You’ll never run a marathon,' said my neurologist in 2010, soon after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  

Some time passed, and I found out that diet and exercise greatly improved the way I felt physically and mentally.  I had always been a walker, not a runner, but I slowly and consistently added yoga and running to my weekly routines.  Connecting breath with movement is powerfully refreshing, and the neuromuscular connections not only revitalize the mind, but also strengthen the body. 


I like to call this “breath of life” as learning how to control your breathing is essential."


"As I grow older,

I have found that Pilates exercises target muscles that help with stability.  I like that it makes me think about form and using the muscles of the powerhouse. It helps me with all the movements needed in everyday life." 


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