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Be Inspired • 2024 Push Ups • Be intentional

Be Safe • Modify

Stability to Strength

Find your Flow

Modifications like starting with knees down or using equipment that puts your upper body higher can put  less stress on low back.

As you advance to a full push up make sure you can keep yourself in neutral spine. Breathe.

Creating flow to a push up is a great alternative that helps warm up the body while improving flexibility and building stability to stronger push ups.

Challenge yourself

Week 1
2 push ups each day
Week 2
4 push ups each day
Week 3
8 push ups each day
Week 4
16 push ups each day

If you complete the full challenge you will be put in a raffle for a free month of classes and a $16 Starbucks gift card. Send me a comment on your experience getting there! Click below on the instagram icon and like with a comment and your name will be placed in the raffle twice.

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