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"Ohana means family. Family means no one gets left behind or forgotten."

                                 -Lilo and Stitch


Carolyn grew up in Forest Hills, moved to the South Hills, then made the big move across the river to the North Hills to be closer to her grandchildren.  She enjoys a variety of outdoor sports, crocheting, cake decorating, singing in my church choir, participating in youth mission trips, and yoga.


Carolyn started attending yoga at work in an attempt to relax in the middle of stressful work days.  After retiring, she began yoga at a local gym.  Doing yoga with her granddaughter and 6 year old grandson, she is impressed that they’re learning yoga at such a young age. One thing Carolyn loves about yoga is the breath. It has helped her in stressful situations, such as when she’s had to fly.  Yoga also helps her body feel more flexible as she ages.  After taking my classes she has commented, “One of the best things I like about Cathy’s classes, is that she is always telling us ‘Do what you can’.  I love that!”  It has been helpful to know modifications for injuries, sore hip, back, knee or if a pose is too challenging.


She loves yoga but her greatest love is, when her family is all together. Carolyn has two children, two stepchildren, and four grandchildren and seven ‘grand fur babies’.  Watching her children and grandchildren grow and participate in a variety of activities and sports has been her greatest joy. Her elderly Mom participates in yoga classes in the personal care home where she lives. Here is a touching tribute Carolyn shared about her mom.


“My mom will be 97 years old in August and is very healthy and happy living in a retirement home.  She enjoys participating in activities at the home and her favorite activity is daily exercise.  She has four happily married children, eight grandchildren, two step grandchildren, and eight great grandchildren.


She lived in Wilkinsburg as a child, moved to Forest Hills when she married my dad and is still living in Forest Hills today….so she has always lived within several miles.  She helped to raise her two younger siblings since her dad died when she was a teenager. She was a stay-at home mom so she could raise her four children.  My father was a CPA with his own business, so she worked for him.  After her children were older, she started working part time at one of my dad’s client’s office.  She worked for my dad until he died and at the client’s office preparing their payroll until she was 80.  Her ‘career’ was her children and supporting my dad with his business. She is a very sweet, considerate, loving, devoted, and caring mom and her children were/are the center of her life.  Her kids are her pride and joy and she would sacrifice anything for us.  Her family is her life.  She was a blessing to me since I was a single parent with two small children.  She was available day and night to help me and my children.




She has always been active in her church but one activity that was very important to my mom was a group of ladies that met monthly to socialize, sew, knit and share some well-deserved time to themselves.  They did not have a name but we always referred to them as the ‘club ladies’.  They started meeting during WWII when the men were gone and continued to meet monthly until most of them died.  My mom is the only living club lady….her best friend who was also a member of the club died recently.


My mom has been an inspiration to me because of her devotion to her family and husband and sacrificing anything for us.  She always has a smile on her face and wants to know what her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren are doing.  I talk to her every day and she is thankful for everything I do for her….but it is I who is so thankful to have a mom like her.”

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