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breath of life

Do you have a dream to complete something that may seem out of your reach? I love listening to Josh Groban sing. One of his songs; ‘Granted,’  reminds me of Stephanie McLaughlin who has been a dedicated friend and support to my online yoga. 


Stephanie is a bright light exemplifying grace and gratitude, determined to live out her dream and goals. She is a true inspiration to those who she has contact with, any day of the week. During the years I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Stef, I’ve witnessed a strong woman who is generous in heart, resources and humility. Her journey continues beyond her marathon, as she moves forward with a passion for faith, family and fitness.


Please read Stef's testimony and learn how healthy choices, adding online and live yoga classes to her regimen has been one way to help her body, mind and spirit move forward.  If you are interested in helping support Stef donating the MS society, here is the link to help her reach her donation goal. Donations are accepted til May 31st. 


“ 'You’ll never run a marathon,' said my neurologist in 2010, soon after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  The doctor was trying to convince me that I would be able to enjoy a fulfilling life with proper therapy and medication, but that I might have certain limitations.  At that time, she never knew that running a marathon had been a lifelong dream of mine.  


Some time passed, and I found out that diet and exercise greatly improved the way I felt physically and mentally.  I had always been a walker, not a runner, but I slowly and consistently added yoga and running to my weekly routines.  Connecting breath with movement is powerfully refreshing, and the neuromuscular connections not only revitalize the mind, but also strengthen the body.  I like to call this “breath of life” as learning how to control your breathing is essential.  Most importantly, I give great thanks to God, who not only gives us breath and life, but also has been the source of my strength, healing, and hope.


After a journey with attempting different treatments for my MS, dealing with side effects and other challenges, I am continuing to give thanks for much improved health.  I have now run several races, and this year plan to run my second Pittsburgh Marathon in May, 2021 at North Park.  I am running for the glory of God, and hoping to help others with MS in the process.  I will carry a “victory bandana” while I run that names all the people who have been an amazing support to me in this journey. Running on Mother’s Day is fitting as I am also a mother of four children.  They continue to inspire and motivate me to keep going.  The run is a charity marathon to raise funds for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, an incredible organization whose mission is “to cure MS while empowering people affected by MS to live their best lives.” (

Finish 26.2 miles.  Finish MS!  Keep moving, and see you at the finish line."      -Stephanie McLaughlin


If you have comments or questions, contact me at You can follow my instagram @freespaceflow, for updates. If you would like to cheer her on, Stephanie has a schedule set up for locations she will be running by. We all look forward to an update on how Stephanie fulfilled another dream. 


“If you have a dream, go chase it

If you feel hope, don't waste it

If you find love, embrace it

And never take a single breath for granted

The story's yours, go write it

Tomorrow's undecided

Our days are counted on this planet

Never take a single breath

Take a single breath for granted..”


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