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"She was a blessing to me since I was a single parent with two small children.  She was available day and night to help me and my children...My mom has been an inspiration to me because of her devotion to her family..."

                      - Carolyn Redfoot

                         with her 96 year old mom



"A single mom of three children...I need to be reminded that I can be encouraged, uplifted and engaged."

                  ~Loriel Jenks


Find a Tribe...
and Flow

"Your tribe will be there for you on the inevitable bad days and celebrate with you when you have great news."

As we move towards Mother's Day I want to say Thank You to all moms and those celebrating their moms as everyday heroes.


One group that always touches my heart is, Single Moms. Google says, in 2019 America, "the overall rate was at 11.8 percent, the rate of poverty for single mother families was 24.9 percent."  As a small online business I have the opportunity to reach so many different groups who choose yoga and/or pilates as an avenue to encourage healthy living; body, mind and spirit. The following is a couple quotes from 9 things a Single Mom should know.  


"Single moms are notoriously self-sacrificing for their children. If you give up self-care and sleep, you will burn out and get sick."




"One Kind word

can warm three Winter months" 

-Japanese Proverb

Completed; May 2021

“ 'You’ll never run a marathon,' said my
neurologist in 2010, soon after I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). "

Read about Stephanie's journey, as she set her goal for her second full marathon through The Virtual Pittsburgh Marathon.  

The Pittsburgh Marathon;

Dream big and keep moving!

To all those who face challenges, but lace up their shoes and head out to one of the most challenging road races. Congratulations!



Friday @4:15-5:00 pm

$10. drop in/person

Included in Gold Plan

A 45 min all level Core Stability and Mobility class. Time to use your core in balance, coordination and strength exercises.  Occasional light weights included in workouts. Finish with abs on mat.

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